Stampin’ Up! Ink Refills and faux apples…

Unfortunately no one left a comment so no winner for the Paper Pumpkin Fall Kit.
not just for stamping.
Yes, not just for stamping. Today I was working on some faux caramel apples for fall and wondered what supplies I had on hand.
Faux apples, check, wooden dowels, check, hot glue, check, sparkle modge podge, check, acrylic paint…?
then I spied the Creamy Carmel refill ink from Stampin’ Up!
Even though this is a retired color (I feel Cajun Craze might be a good substitute for it.) 
I got my apples from Amazon, the wooden dowels from Dollar Tree, Sparkle Modge Podge from Walmart, hot glue already had on hand but you can get at Walmart or craft stores.
I first took the sparkle modge podge and poured some in a small container, I then started adding the Creamy Carmel ink, I get mixing and adding the ink until I got it to the color I wanted.
These look delicious!
When they finished drying they turned out better than what I expected. Now to just finish decorating them. 
Would you believe that is Creamy Carmel ink mixed in that modge podge and this is the final result when it dries?
Come back in a few days to see the final decorating of my faux apples for fall!

I am thinking of making some faux apples for Christmas and Winter.
What colors of ink would you think would be good for those?
Leave a comment as to what Stampin’ Up! ink colors you would use and a way to contact you (email (when posting email do not use @ symbol please put “AT” so your email address will not broadcast over the internet) or email me your email address) to pour over the apples (hint the apples will be white) and your name will go into the “Spin A Wheel” to win the Gift of Fall Paper Pumpkin kit. The winner will be announced on September 17th at 9am EST.

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