Paper Pumpkin Price Change coming June 1

As of June 1, 2019 the price of the month-to-month Paper Pumpkin subscription will increase by $2.05 in the United States and $3.05 in Canada.
This chart displays the new pricing structure for month-to-month Paper Pumpkin subscriptions effective June 1, 2019.

$22.00 US (new)
$30.00 CA (new)

Please note: Month-to-month subscriptions will continue to be available for purchase through the website, and shipping is still included in the month-to-month price.

Why is the price increasing?

In the six years since the introduction of Paper Pumpkin, Stampin’ Up! has worked diligently to maintain the lowest possible price for our subscription program. For instance, in the US market there has never been a price increase on month-to-month Paper Pumpkin subscriptions. In Canada, price increases have been dictated by exchange rates and increases in shipping rates.
Our Paper Pumpkin strategy continues to focus on a low price combined with the best possible kit value. A top priority for Paper Pumpkin is to remain an attractive entry point for beginner stampers as well as to give our casual and avid customers a fun project to explore and discover every month.
Nevertheless, costs (including shipping) have continually increased over the past six years, and it has become necessary to raise the subscription price in both the United States and Canada in order to maintain a successful program. Stampin’ Up! will continue to work hard to ensure that a key selling feature of Paper Pumpkin is its low price point, as well as provide an appealing craft project that your customers can enjoy monthly.

How does the price increase affect prepaid subscriptions?

As of June 1, 2019, the price of the 1-month prepaid subscription will increase by $2.00 in the United States and $3.00 in Canada.
Prepaid subscription codes are available for purchase through our Stampin’ Up! catalog and online ordering; therefore, a minimum shipping charge of $6.95 (USD)/$9.95 (CAD) or 10% will continue to be added to the order total at check out.
In June 2018, we restructured Paper Pumpkin prepaid subscription pricing to simplify shipping and handling charges and maintain a consistent standard among all Stampin’ Up! products purchased online and through the catalog. Commissions are paid on the full listed price for prepaids.
This chart displays the new pricing structure for prepaid Paper Pumpkin subscriptions effective June 1, 2019.

1-month prepaid
$21.00 US
$28.00 CA

3-month prepaid
$63.00 US
$82.50 CA

6-month prepaid
$114.00  US
$158.00 CA
Save $1/month
12-month prepaid
$220.00 US
$300.00 CA
Buy 11 get the 12th free
Shipping added based on order total at time of check out.

Important note: In response to demonstrator feedback, we are lowering 6- and 12-month prepaid subscription prices so Paper Pumpkin customers can enjoy savings compared to what they would pay for a monthly subscription that covers the same period of time. This change takes effect on June 1, 2019.
See the chart below to see how these savings are calculated. The bottom line: Your customers save big with 6- and 12-month Paper Pumpkin prepaid subscriptions!
Prepaid + 10% shipping
Compared to month-to-month (shipping included)
6-month prepaid/US
$114.00 + $11.40 (shipping) = $125.40
$22.00 X 6 = $132.00
6-month prepaid/CA
$158.00 + $15.80 (shipping) = $173.80
$30.00 X 6 = $180.00
12-month prepaid/US
$220.00 + $22.00 (shipping) = $242.00
$22.00 X 12 = $264.00
12-month prepaid/CA
$300.00 + 30.00 (shipping) = $330.00
$30.00 X 12=$360.00

When you purchase a 6-month prepaid, you will save $1 dollar per kit compared to what you would pay for a 6-month monthly subscription.
When you purchase a 12-month prepaid, you will get your 12th kit free; you will not get the same benefit if you purchase a 12-month monthly subscription.

How does the price change affect past kits and refills?

The chart below shows the new pricing for past kits and refills released after June 1, 2019. Prices for past kits and refills released before June 1, 2019 will remain unchanged.

$10.00 US
$13.00 CA
Past Kit
$19.00 US
$24.00 CA

Prepaid and Month-to-Month Subscription Price Differences
Over the years, many have asked about prepaid vs. month-to-month pricing. We hope the following information will help you navigate the ins and outs of these different pricing systems.
As stated above, on June 1 we will adjust 6- and 12- month prepaid subscription prices so that customers and demonstrators will always save with these options when compared to month-to-month subscriptions that cover the same period of time.
However, you will notice that 1- and 3-month subscriptions (once you include standard Stampin’ Up! shipping) are more expensive compared to monthly subscriptions covering the same period of time. However, 1- and 3-month prepaid subscriptions can also be a savvy purchasing choice for subscribers who are looking to maximize value on their order(s).
Why? Prepaids include benefits that month-to-month subscriptions do not. For example:

Demonstrators can include Paper Pumpkin prepaids on a workshop order.
Anyone can give Paper Pumpkin prepaids as a gift.
When customers add a Paper Pumpkin prepaid subscription to their order, they pay a flat shipping fee for everything—giving them more shipping bang for their buck.
Prepaids can be purchased with a coupon code and/or Stampin’ Rewards.
Prepaids earn Sale-A-Bration rewards.
Prepaids can be purchased ahead of time and redeemed ahead of time.
Paper Pumpkin offers both prepaid and month-to-month subscriptions to give demonstrators and customers options, allowing them decide which plan works best for them. We encourage you to study these options as you shop for subscriptions for yourself and as you help customers choose subscription plans that best suit their needs. If you or your customers need help deciding on a subscription plan, please contact Demonstrator Support at 1-800-STAMP UP or Whichever plan you choose, we know you’re going to love your Paper Pumpkin experience.
Important tip: Your customers will almost always save money when they purchase 1- or 3-month prepaids with other Stampin’ Up! products. If you have a customer who only wants to buy a 1- or 3-month subscription and nothing else, then they should choose a monthly subscription plan instead of a prepaid.

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