Everything is Rosy is BEAUTIFUL kit!

At first I was not sure I was going to buy this, $80.00 seemed a little pricey, but after doing some figures, I then felt it was well worth it.

First I compared it to our other stamp sets and etc. to see what it would cost if I had bought them separately. 

As you can see by the chart above, it is actually a good price to buy the Everything is Rosy kit for $80.00. If you had to buy them separately it would cost around $116.00.

Here is close ups of the Everything is Rosy kit that I am just in love with! Rose Gold is my favorite:)

I hope you will decide to buy this and create beautiful cards, scrapbook pages and etc. If you do I would love for you to shop with me. I am currently working on a scrapbook page using this beautiful set. Remember…this is only being sold until the end of May.

Come Shop with me:
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