Farewell to Lovely as a Tree

If you have not gotten this stamp set, you should get it now while you can. This will be the final time you will see it. Here is a little information of the person who designed it, how long and how much money they made from it.
Kathy Pit is the designer of Lovely as a Tree and she designed it 18 years ago. It was designed in 2001. She worked from home raising her young son and Stampin’ Up! let her work from home and she created it with whiteout, light table, tracing table and a pedograph pen. She also used a magnifying glass to get more detail. She loves trees and that they provide life. 
Stampin’ Up! sold 210,000 from 2004 (they did not have a count from 2001 to 2003, so it is actually more.)
They sold around five million dollars in sales for this stamp set. Wow! Get this set it is only available until May 24th.


Here is a couple of cards I had made with the set.
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